500 Daily Tests During the First Half of 2017

There are many typing tests taken each day on toptyper, often around 500 a day. This number represents a great support and a milestone for new things to come.

This year the 100.000th typing test was taken and in 2017 a new typing option for multiplayer was added, which is available at One of the latest feature being developed is a multiplayer duel.

For toptyper a new like system was added for your saved texts. By liking other users texts you can show your support to other content contributors. In the near future we intend to add options for typists to get credit for their typing participation: both for the typing skill and for the content they provide to other typists.


Shiny azure keyboard

We are excited for the new possibilities that we can provide through these and other future features. Some really good suggestions were also given from typists, which we also implemented.

Of course new improvements will be added to improve existing typing experience. We always try to keep the features that typists like and improve on those that need improvement. To not mix single player and multiplayer typing we added a separate website for typists who would like to type in multiplayer mode.

We hope to reach 4000 daily tests by the end of this year. With the gathered typing data we will also be able to make new statistic reports about typing. We believe it is helpful to give statistic information back to the typists. The statistic information is often represented using reports, blog posts or other presentation of data. The next blog post will probably contain some typing statistic information.

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