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Good Equipment Influences Typing

Good equipment influences typing. Using better equipment can improve the overall typing experience (at least) a little bit, but very quickly. There might be some getting used to new equipment, but should not take long. It can be beneficial in terms of:

  • reducing strain,
  • boosting productivity,
  • increasing work enthusiasm
  • in the long run even promotes good health in terms of preventing injuries.

A good start would be to make a list of all the factors than influence the previously mentioned benefits. Even before making a list of individual items like keyboards etc. you can first examine other things like the room and check if there is:

  • enough light,
  • no glare of other objects,
  • acceptable room climate,
  • no distractions of any kind (traffic, devices, people…) etc.
  • enough fresh air


comfy computer laptop

A comfortable workplace will make a positive influence specially over a longer period of time, when typing task lasts for several hours in one day. As for equipment, here is a list with some ideas (besides of keyboards, mouses, mouse-pads etc.) for adding or upgrading some of the existing equipment:

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  • Computer/Office chair. Good office chairs usually have a lot of adjustments available and they have a heavy, big and adjustable chair control mechanism – that is one of the things why they are more expensive. They use metal parts instead of plastic ones, and they use good cushion material – quality foam that will last for many years.
  • Monitor, or more monitors, recommended two – one for writing your documents etc. and the other one to open documents or websites with additional content that you need for your work. Three or more monitors can get confusing to some users and it takes more time to get used to. We should use at least IPS-type monitors which provide better colors and monitors that are big enough relative to the millions of pixels they have – because if there are many pixels and monitor is small (and therefore each pixel has to be smaller), then letters and icons on the screen will be small also.
  • Computer/Office desk. A good desk can be a simple heavy-duty big desk, with drawers (or none) and legs of the desk positioned so that they wont get in the way. It should be proper height. Drawers can also be bought separately, and they come on little wheels so that you can move them around.
  • Leg rest – if you have problem with too much blood getting stuck in your legs after sitting for a long time.
  • Whiteboard and other office items. Having a whiteboard is not directly related to typing, but it can help you in terms of the content you are writing and therefore reduce the amount of time to finish your typing task. Even pencils and paper can be useful to write some things down or print some content so that you wont have to constantly open it on the computer.
  • Good computer matters so that your files open quickly and so that you wont have problem when opening bigger files. It will also find files quickly when running a search. Most desktop and laptop computers today have strong enough processors for office tasks. Probably the most important thing in a computer would be having a lot of RAM memory (so that computer never runs out of memory and therefore never gets slow), and the other thing would be a fast disk (which an SSD disk is).

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Generally quality equipment is built to last and sometimes built even in such a way that it is possible to adjust/replace a part/repair it. Even if it is more expensive it will make up a bit with its durability and lifespan. On the other hand the most expensive and harmful option would be:
a) to buy a bad product (usually cheap) which would make you soon buy another one, just because the first one was not good enough or broke. This makes you pay for two or more products instead of just one that would be better to use anyway. The lesson of this example would be to buy a product that is good and do it once.
b) to buy a bad product (usually cheap) that has a negative effect on your work.

There are times when products have unreasonable prices when you could buy a cheaper product that would be better at the same time. But for this you would need to have:

  • additional information,
  • some experience in comparing products,
  • gather other user feedback
  • and if possible do a test with it.

In my experience it is usually better to spend a little bit more rather than less on a better equipment that you use on a daily basis.

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