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Eye Care – Something That Comes With (a lot of) Typing

Typing is not all about fingers, specially not touch-typing which enables you (your eyes) to focus at your content. As a person that does a lot of typing on a daily basis it was probably only a matter of time for me to make a greater consideration about the eye-care. As touch-typing allows you to more efficiently focus yourself on the content itself you spend more time focusing your eyes on your LCD screen – sometimes without taking a break to rest your eyes. Don’t get me wrong, touch-typing is still better and more efficient option as it will allow you to finish the same task in a shorter amount of time, even if you take short breaks. But the important thing is, you should not forget to take your breaks.

eye care

Take care of your eyes.

I would divide eye strain in two categories: the superficial strain (dryness) and inner strain (muscles). The first problem I noticed for me after spending a lot of time typing was, the eyes got dry and I tried to blink more often. But sometimes that isn’t enough, so then it helps to use some products to moisten your eyes – eye drops. They work like a charm.


If images of some nice tear-drops make you feel like they would be good for your eyes, then they probably would be.

There are some other common-known recommendations that prevent eye-strain. One of them is that you should work in a well lit environment, and you shouldn’t work in the dark looking at a super bright screen. This also goes for mobile devices. Personally the most strain my eyes got was from using a cell phone in the dark, and even worse by looking at it at an angle… The phones today can output a very high amount of brightness. Well, even at a low brightness setting it is not pleasant for the eyes to look at a screen in the dark. As already mentioned, focusing at screens and other things at an angle adds to the eye-strain.

The best suggestion I can think of for preventing eye strain is to develop some nice and eye-friendly habits that you can stick to them. Habits, meaning you will automatically care for your eyes – and hopefully you will not do the worst thing and do the other way around by automatically not caring. Of course one of good habits is to spend as much time away from strainful activities (which include computer screens, strong sunlight, glitter, strong reflections…). What I also do for most critical situations if they happen to occur is, I put some cloth soaked with warm water upon my closed eyes. Works like healing, and if not then visiting a doctor would probably be the only option left.

Here are some nice suggestions I also came across which may explain some additional tips you can do: http://www.wikihow.com/Take-Care-of-Your-Eyes

Take care of yourselves and your eyes.

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