Wikipedia Texts for Typing, New Article Search

There have been quite a few updates since the last news update. Latest TopTyper addition now also includes Wikipedia Article Search.

Until now TopTyper had the option to use one random Wikipedia Text or either the option to copy any text directly from the Wikipedia website. But now you can use a more detailed Wikipedia Text Search by providing any keyword. TopTyper will then search the Wikipedia Website for the Articles containing your keyword. The list of found Articles is then returned and displayed in a form of a list with titles and tiny snippets, to give you better information about the article content. TopTyper also includes a new option to list more Random Wikipedia Articles, from which you can choose the most suitable Random Article for your typing training.


The texts are “as is” by Wikipedia, though we do provide some text format enhancements to provide a more pleasant and smooth typing experience.

TopTyper now also provides all Language instances of Wikipedia. There are quite a lot of them, nearly 300. One of our basic goal of TopTyper is to provide multilingual typing experience, so that it is possible to type in native languages. It is even more possible to learn foreign languages, grammar and spelling by typing/copying existing texts. There are multiple benefits of having the option to type in various languages.

Various Wikipedia options are now nicely covered by TopTyper and we hope they will be useful for all the typists out there.

wikipedia article search for touch typing


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