TopTyper for Android is Available in Mini Form at Google Play

The mini version of the online TopTyper application for touch typing is now available for Android devices. Now you can test and improve your touch screen typing skills too, with the use of high performance mini TopTyper app. Download can be found on Google Play typing could now be called “touch screen typing” on touch screen devices, though professional typing will still be performed with the use of a keyboard which provides faster typing and less strain.

Some of the features

  • Practice touch typing with the use of texts in any language.
  • Enter or edit your own text for practicing, use existing standard texts, obtain website text via online mode and obtain random wikipedia article texts from most popular wikipedia sites (52 most popular languages) – also in online mode.
  • Choose your own time limit in hours, minutes and seconds format. If typing test runs out of text, it will allow you to continue practicing by going to the start of the text.
  • The text can be shuffled or cleaned up in case you want to enter or copy your own text.
  • Color and sound indicators are added while typing.
  • Results among others include typing speed and accuracy.
  • Easy to use with fast performance.

This is the first release. Many more features could still be added in future releases.

How to use

First set your text: use your own text or set it by using advanced features like online “wiki text”. Then set your time limit in hours minutes and seconds. When you are ready click on the input field. On click the game is beeing prepared to play. When ready start typing the upper text until the text time runs out. View your typing results below. The game can be canceled while playing by clicking on the input field. Consequently the results will be part-time and the game will be stopped and restarted.

Some information on next release

Next release should implement dynamic fit of the text on the screen. Namely the on-screen-keyboard covers half of the screen, so that after the input fied is clicked to enter text, the upper edit field has still to be visible on all screen types/sizes/resolutions.

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