Full Report on Typing Statistics

Here is the full typing statistic from the TopTyper application:

For calculation we used 2618 typing test results for Typing Accuracy and Typing Error Correcting Accuracy. For typing speed calculation we used 4446 test results. At this point we are nearing 10000 typing test results in our database. For our calculations we used less results, as we did not monitor all typing parameters (at least the ones that we are including into this report) from the start.

  • Average typing speed was 35,2 wpm, with standard deviation of 22,17 wpm.
  • Average typing accuracy was 86,6%, with standard deviation of 21,75%.
  • Average typing error correcting accuracy was 48,91%, with standard deviation of 34,18% (more accurate measurement is 30,40%, because of some simplification we used on the measuring system).

Below you can find all the corresponding graphs.



Typing Speed

Typing Speed Statistic Typing Speed Standard Deviation Statistic

Typing Accuracy

Typing Accuracy Statistic Typing Accuracy Standard Deviation Statistic

Typing Error Correcting Accuracy (below charts are not for average values but for current typing values)

Typing Error Correction Standard Deviation Statistic Typing Error Correction Accuracy Statistic

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