Big Things Happen When You Do the Little Things Right – User Experience Improved

The big things happen when you do the little things right. For this cause, many little improvements have been made since the last update. The user experience is now better than ever. Despite many features of the TopTyper app, the app is now easy and more user friendly than ever.

Changes were made to TopTyper feedback for the user. Now the last ten results will be updated each time when you finish your test. This way you don’t have to refresh the website to see the most recent typing results, including your own.

The submission of keyboard layouts for your country is simplified too. The form is more intuitive, with less text and additional colored section.

Each form of the TopTyper is now really simple and friendly. The updated forms, including existing ones are:

  • advanced settings, where you can change various typing settings,
  • beginner mode, where you can enable real time 10 finger typing indicator,
  • custom keyboard layout submission, where you can submit your custom keyboard layout of your own country, so we can add it to the default keyboard layout collection,
  • text input types, where you can insert text from websites, Wikipedia, select default text, generate random text, enter or copy your custom text,
  • random text generator form, where you can generate a text of random symbols by separating them into words of specified lengths
  • link contest creation, where you can create your own custom contest (also by using “one click contest” button) and share it with a simple link,
  • text editing tester, with which you can test your text editing skills,
  • one click social network registration and
  • your own TopTyper profile to monitor your typing improvement.

To support the future development of these features please share the TopTyper app, as this is the only way for its existence. With your help, we would specially like to improve the user profile and add some really special and unique features, which we will keep as a surprise for now.

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