Wikipedia for touch typing

Wikipedia generator for typing

We have added new Wikipedia generator which generates an existing random Wiki text that you can use for practicing touch typing. This way you will never run out of default texts for typing. Alternatively you could always insert and use your own custom texts.

The “WikiButton” is simple to use, as it will generate everything on just one click.

Wiki for touch typing

There are some other new additions since the last time we posted a blog post and we would like to represent them also. In short they are:

  • current typing info,
  • current typing result info,
  • option to submit your/new keyboard layouts to our database, which we will use to include other keyboard layouts of the world into the default selection.

The current typing info represent the real time values to get typing information at typing time. There are basic typing parameters included, which are the current typing speed, accuracy and error correction accuracy.

We have also added a qualitative indicator of your typing, which shows how well you are typing at the moment (typing health) and how well is your typing from the start to the current point (typing life).

Results are now equipped with current typing values. There is a graphic representation of your current typing values for the basic parameters that we already described in the previous paragraph (speed, accuracy, correction accuracy).

Another update is the ability to submit a new keyboard layout to our database. As there are many keyboard layouts around the world, we would like to include as many as possible into the typing application. For this reason we added the keyboard layout submit option.

You can submit a new layout at beginner mode advanced settings, where you can set a collection of symbols for individual finger as before, and then just simply name the layout for these fingers and finally submit it. You will get a return message on what you submitted. We will review the layouts and add it later.

We would like to thank our users for contributing and sharing the TopTyper touch typing app. The results contribution grows exponentially. We will soon reach typing result count of 6000 (over 8000 now). This encourages us to build new features, of which we have about 3 times more ideas of what is possible to do.

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