Average words per minute plot

Typing Statistics of 1H 2013

Today I calculated some typing statistics that you have made possible during the first half of this year (2013). I used only the typing results that were 1 minute long. The number of those results/tests was 1071. These typing results were actually taken since some time in February until 4th July 2013, which is the day I have made the calculation. Also note that the calculated values are from average typing speeds and not the current typing speeds. Average typing speed (in dependence of time) looks like your test result at some point in time, whereas current typing speed (in dependence of time) would just be the current speed at which you are typing at some point in time.

The first graph shows the average typing speed in dependence in time. The average typing speed of 1071 tests that were 1 minute long was around 38.5wpm.

Average words per minute plot

Average Typing Speed

The second graph shows the standard deviation of the same average typing speed in dependence of time. The standard deviation of the average typing speed was around 23.5wpm.

Standard deviation of average typing speed

Standard Deviation of Average Typing Speed

I have calculated this for all the users that currently use my application and would like to thank you for that. By using this application you support my work and development of this project, for which I would add other statistic data (most notably is probably the current typing speed) and of course many other features (like better mobile device compatibility and support for schools) to the touch typing app. There has already been added a text editing test/practice option in addition to the already known touch typing feature.

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