ProTyper link contest

Touch Typing Contest List is here

We have updated our free typing online application with new feature that we were talking about in previous update post. Now you are able to see all the current active public contests. For better view of it we added a screenshot below.

ProTyper link contest

ProTyper link contest

As you can see each contest in the Contest List has a country flag, that represents also the language of the text in the contest. As you know the contest text is always different depending on the text that author chose at the creation of the contest. This also has a number of benefits we mentioned in the early post, where one of the benefits is the use of real-life and various-choice of texts to train ten finger typing.

There is also the description of the text, that the contest author used, so that you get more text information that was used at the contest.

In the list two very important information are displayed. One of them is the expiration of the contest, and the other one is the difficulty of the text.

The contests are accessible at ProTyper touch typing app under the main Contest Button here. If there are none public contests, you will get a create new contest form, where you can make your own in just 2 short steps. If you decide to make it public, we will also show it on the contest list for others to join to your newly made contest. If you have questions or any issues, you can also email us at:

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