Touch Typing Link Contest app update complete

There is a new Link Contest available on the app for touch typing training online. Now you can compete typing with your friends or coworkers by sharing just a simple link.

For each contest you can specify your own desired text, on which you want to compete. So if you are working as an accountant or a lawyer, you can enter the text for that profession. Note that profession based texts will have a higher difficulty rating. While entering your own text you can therefore select:

  • the difficulty of text
  • country / language of text origin
  • the desired time limit for the contest (recommended standard 1 minute or “from – to” value which depends on other competitors skills. More skilled competitor will need shorter contest time limit)

The contest ends after desired time, which can be a minimum of 1 hour (perfect for 1 full hour school lessons) or a maximum of 1 week (perfect for contesting with a large number of competitors for doing researches). The ended results will display top ten typists and will also display averages for typing speed, typing accuracy and the mistake correcting accuracy of all typing tests taken in this contest.

We also improved the app with new designs and quick login panel, so that you wont to click sign in each time to login. If you have any suggestions or desired features that you would like us to implement, you can freely contact us on We will be happy to receive your mail.

— Best of typing

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